Kickstarter Campaign- help me record in paint, the seasonal changes around a single cottonwood tree, for an entire year.

Hello everyone. I have launched a Kickstarter campaign for my current project, A Year With a Tree. 

About this project

Change is both the subject and the medium of this series. A single tree becomes a constant against which change is measured. Each work is made on location; some over the course of days, some weeks and some months. The project takes the form of numerous watercolors and oils which investigate, in detail, a cottonwood tree at the Eagle River Nature Center in Eagle River, Alaska, from May 2016 to May 2017, and how the changing of the seasons affects the tree. These works are composed from observation in all types of weather so that the many changes of the environment — from sunshine to rain to snow — may have an actual effect on the paintings and how they are painted as much as on the tree itself. The permanent fingerprints of the elements in the paint help to tell the narrative of the seasons. In addition to several small and medium sized works, I am producing four large scale paintings of the tree, one for each season. The final body of work will be exhibited at the Anchorage Museum as part of the museum's Polar Lab Projects.

The aim of the project is to address our changing climate in a thoughtful way by recording, in paint, a single year of Southcentral Alaska's current climate trajectory. When it comes to climate change, Alaska is the United State's canary in the coal mine. The secondary objective is to show appreciation and support for our vast State Parks and National Parks systems.

In order for this series to be successful, I am asking you to be a part of this project. Your generous pledge translates into the time and supplies I need to be beside the cottonwood, painting and thoroughly recording the seasonal changes as they happen. Anyone who has spent more than a week in Alaska knows that the landscape can change quickly and drastically. In order to convey this in the series, A Year With a Tree requires my full-time attention and dedication. And, of course, in exchange for helping me complete this project and for helping to raise awareness of climate change and our natural environment, you will also get a thank you reward in the form a postcard print, a signed print of one of the four major paintings, or even an original painting from the series!


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