Chapter 65, The Whale as a Dish

The millennia old tradition of subsistence whaling by the Inuit people is mentioned only once within Herman Melville's nearly 800 page epoch, Moby Dick; or, The Whale- a tale centered around the American whaling industry of the 1800s.

In this show titled, “Chapter 65, The Whale as a Dish” the work of Inupiaq whaling captain and artist, Herman Ahsoak and artist, David Pettibone open a dialogue with the 19th century author by exploring the rich tradition of subsistence whaling in a contemporary environment through two very different perspectives; one from within the community and one from the outside.

Born and raised in the native village of Utqiagvik, Herman Ahsoak is an artist, ulu maker, senior volunteer firefighter and captain of a whaling crew. Twice a year, the Quvan Crew sets out over the frozen and open waters of the Arctic Ocean to harvest the bowhead whale and provide for their community.

David Pettibone is a painter and instructor at UAA. In 2013, inspired by Rockwell Kent's illustration of chapter 65 in Moby Dick, he quit his job and left New York to live in Barrow (now renamed, Utqiagvik) for seven months where he painted and photographed the subsistence whaling culture of the Inupaiq people and where the two artists eventually met.

     Opening Reception: December 2, 2016. 5-9pm Show runs December 2nd to the 30th.     

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