Nature has always been the thread that sews my paintings together. Instead of being a part of nature, we see ourselves as existing in tandem with it: separate but together. This is, of course, an illusion. The complexities of our relationship with nature are infinite and they run the gamut from peaceful to the sublime and from pleasant to the horrifying. My work explores the many levels of our relationship with nature and seeks to convey the visceral emotions that come about when we are reminded of just how connected to our environment we truly are.

This theme can be found in my work: from “The Whale as a Dish” series, which explores an Arctic community that relies on a single species of whale for physical, spiritual and cultural nourishment; to the “Beekeepers” series, which explores the different facets of the beekeeping industry; to the “Year With a Tree” series, which documents in paint and in realtime, the day to day seasonal changes over one year in Alaska- America's canary in the coal mine of our warming planet.

*Note on process:

For the non-painters, the way a painting is constructed is perhaps less intriguing. But for the painter, process is why we paint.

I'm less interested in what steps were taken in the making of an artist's work and more in how those steps were taken- the specifics of the process that the artist chose. When looking at another painter's work, I'm often searching for clues in the paint of their paintings.

That is why I have chosen to note the process of my paintings: All works are painted from observation (life) unless otherwise noted.